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20 October 2014 | Admin UGM INDO

Become the foremost educational and research facility in Anthropology, at both the national and international levels, and produce professional and competitive graduates with a focus on cultural and social issues who are willing to promote efforts for the development of humanity and their nation

Provide quality education regarding Anthropology at the baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral level, while forever following the latest developments and in technology.
Conduct research on and provide service to society, as an integral part of the education process and the development of the field of Anthropology, even mutating in accordance with the dynamic societ, culture, econoy, and technology.
Develop a network between academic and non-academic institutions, within or without Indonesia, as a strategy for further development of the program and the education process.

Agus Indiyanto, S.Sos. M.Si.
Speciality : Urban Anthropology
Anna Marie Wattie, Dr. M.A.
Speciality : Health reproduction, Gender Studies
Atik Triratnawati, Dr. M.A.
Speciality : Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of Law
Bambang Hudayana, Dr. M.A.
Speciality : Local Politics, Economic Anthropology, Empowermwnt
G.R. Lono Lastoro Simatupang, Dr. M.A.
Speciality : Performance Studies, Child Education
Heddy Shri Ahimsa-Putra, Prof. Dr. M.A Mphil.
Speciality : Epistemology,French-Structuralism
Irwan Abdullah, Prof. Dr.
Speciality : Consumer Society, Interreligious Studies
Mubarika Dyah Fitri Nugraheni, S.Ant., M.A.
Speciality : Anthropology of Art
Muhammad Zamzam F., S.Ant., M.A.
Speciality : Visual and Media Anthropology
Pande Made Kurtanegara, Drs., M.Si.
Speciality :Tourism Studies, Social Safety Net
P.M. Laksono, Prof. Dr., M.A.
Speciality : Media Studies, Interculturalism
Pujo Semedi Hargo Y., Dr., M.A.
Speciality : Rural Studies, Oceania
Sita Hidayah, S.Ant., M.A.
Speciality : Anthropology of Religion
Setiadi, Dr., S.Sos., M.Si.
Speciality : Population Studies, CSR, Anthropology of Management
Naniek Kasniyah, Dr., M.A., M.Med.Sc.
Speciality : Medical Anthropology
Argo Tri Wikrama, M.A., Ph.D.
Speciality : Local Politics
Tuty Gandarsih, M.S.
Speciality : Gender
Kodiran, Prof. Dr. M.A.
Speciality : Agriculture, Politics
Soehardi, Prof. Dr. M.A.
Speciality : Religion
Sjafri Sairin, Prof. Dr. M.A.
Speciality : Social Anthropology
Suzie Handajani, Dr. M.A.
Speciality : Media and Mediation
Laksmi A. Savitri, Dr. M.A.
Speciality : Agriculture
Realisa Darathea M, M.A.
Speciality : Migration, Refugee, Child Study
Agung Wicaksono, M.A.
Speciality : Forestry-Agriculture

Facilities and Supporting Activities
The education process at the Anthropology and Culture Program is facilitated by the Anthropology Program Library, which includes several computers and word-processing programs that students may use in completing their academic assignments. Internet access is available, through both landlines and Wi-Fi, which allows students to access online collections and Journals to which the Universitas Gadjah Mada Library is subscribed.
To ease the education process, students of the Anthropology and Culture Program have formed the Anthropology Student Family (Keluarga Mahasiswa Antropologi, or KemAnt) and organize numerous extra-curricular activities, including but not limited to field research, group discussions, studies of ethnographic films, and the publication of the buletin “Ranah.”

The Anthropology and Culture Program has also developed the Anthropology Laboratories for Research and Action unit (Laboratorium Antropologi Untuk Riset dan Aksi, or LAURA). This unit is meant as a forum for lecturers, alumni, and students to meet for a variety of academic activities (research, training, and empowerment). Through this unit the Anthropology and Culture Program works to ensure the education process remains tied to the latest developments societal pratices and needs.

Testimoni :

“Jurusan Antropologi Budaya UGM menjadi jendela dunia untuk saya; lewat buku-bukunya, pengajarnya dan tentu saja programprogram penelitian (dalam dan luar negeri) yang membuat kami menjadi antropolog yang matang” – Benadeta Putri Anjar Prameswari, mahasiswa program tandem UGM/Antropologi Greiburg University, Germany

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